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Complete backup and disaster recovery solutions. Includes full business continuity service at an affordable price.

  • Both on-site and off-site (256-bit AES encryption) data storage to 2 redundant locations (East Coast and West Coast)
  • Virtualization of Servers (minimized employee downtime in case of complete hardware failure- this “stand- by” Server is ready to go, it includes all of the data and programs for employees to continue working within 30 minutes of a disaster)
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring of the health of the backups(includes frequent testing of backup images and restores)
  • Reduces IT costs: No need to purchase additional software or to maintain expensive yearly tech support or maintenance plans.
  • Reduces IT labor costs due to automated monitoring tools that “babysit” the back jobs. This allows the IT consultant to focus on other critical IT related tasks.
  • Phone: (858) 880-5564

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How Our Solution Works: Backup

Our solution combines an on-site NAS (network attached storage) appliance for fast backups / restores and high availability, with low-cost, secure off-site storage in replicated datacenters in multiple locations.
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How Our Solution Works: Recovery

Don't let your company go extinct! System failures, property damage, malicious attacks, even human error: all threaten the existence of your business. Click for more info »

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Now, a Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution to Match Your Needs.
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